September 22

Main Page


I am so excited for a brand new year where I get to see all my wonderful Foothills and Green Mountain students in person!  I reorganized my website a little bit, so here’s how you can find what you’re looking for:

All the different pages for my website are on the left side of the page on the yellow post-it.  Simply click the one you want to find what you’re looking for!  Underneath the post-it is a short calendar of upcoming events at both of my schools.

My contact info is found on the About Me page as well as a little background about me!

The Video of the Day page is updated any time I show a new video of the day in any of my classes. Many of my students asked me to post them somewhere so they can watch them again at home, so this is where you find them!

The Galleries page has photo albums, videos of performances, and links to students compositions BUT it is password protected so only family members of students can access it.  If you need the password, please email me with your student’s name and I will respond with the info you nee.