Music Tech

In music class, all students particpate in digital composition and creation assignments using a variety of online platforms.  Here are links to all those resources.

Google Classroom

All assignments we have done in class can be found here.  You can also post links to anything you create at home to share it with the other people in your class.  In order to log in at home the email is #######(student ID number) and the password is the same as their school password.

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

A growing presentation showing various keyboard shortcuts on our chromebooks.


Drag different shaped symbols on top of the “Steves” to create complex loops of music.


Highlight squares in a grid

Patatap – A resource for individual sounds and an excellent mindfulness tool!  Tap squares (or keys) to create artistic patterns and sounds.

Flat – Online music writing software we’re using in 4th and 5th.  My account that we’re using is only for in class projects.  You will have to create your own free account if you want to use it at home.

Online Sequencer – Compose your own music using a large grid format.

Spectrogram – See what music looks like in the color spectrum and make new sounds of your own.

Kandinsky – Draw your music.

Virtual Piano – Well…it’s a piano.

Sampulator – Another launchpad-esque website.

Splice – Grid style beat maker.