February 22

Music Games and Programs

In music class, all students particpate in digital composition and creation assignments using a variety of online platforms.  Here are links to all those resources.

Blob Opera – You guys.  I just found this and I love this, but I have no idea how to describe it.  Just try it out.  ^-~

Sound Canvas – Draw with a pen on your screen that makes sound as you draw!

Body Synth – Turn your body into a musical instrument that makes music as you move!

Isle of Tune – Build a town where everything makes its own music.

Typedrummer – Turn your words and sentences into beats.

IncrediboxDrag different shaped symbols on top of the “Steves” to create complex loops of music.

Patatap – A resource for individual sounds and an excellent mindfulness tool!  Tap squares (or keys) to create artistic patterns and sounds.

Online Sequencer – Compose your own music using a large grid format.

Chrome Music Lab – Various different tools made by Google to create and explore music.

Soundtrap – The music creation software that we are using in 3rd-5th to create songs and short musical pieces.  Be sure to log in with your school google account.

Virtual Piano – Well…it’s a piano.

Splice – Grid style beat maker.

Paint with Music – A google experiment that turns every brush stroke on the canvas into a piece of music.

Bongo Cat – Another drum pad app, but this one has a cute cat.