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RED Rotation Day 3

Apologies for not posting yesterday, I was scrambling to do sub plans after a sore throat sent me home.

I am STILL at home with a sore throat, so I won’t be able to make any videos for today, so I will do my best to leave detailed written instructions for you all and I will be on GChat all day if you have questions.

Instructions for today’s assignments will be posted in Google Classroom for all classes.


–Miss M.

RED Rotation Day 1

Today is the first day of RED rotation.  The classes I see today are Bash, McKenna, Little, Garcia, Cushing, and Lee.

3rd and 2nd are going to be playing a rhythm guessing game and sending in their answers through Google Classroom.

4th is practicing sight reading on virtual xylophones.  All links for this project are in Google Classroom.

5th is beginning Project 1: Hot Cross Buns Remix through Google Classroom and Soundtrap.  We’re gonna TRY to learn this live as a full class, SO go to Google Meet and type in the code “musicred”.  Worry not, if it doesn’t work, I’ll post a video later this afternoon.

1st is adding the quarter rest into our basic rhythms and will be performing rhythms using Google Classroom and Flipgrid.

Kinder is practicing moving safely in our space in Seesaw.  Most remote kinder students already completed this activity during BLUE rotation.

***A QUICK NOTE: I’m really enjoying going through all the work I’ve seen so far from both Remote and In Person students and I’m trying to leave feedback for everyone, but it’s a lot.  I appreciate everyone’s patience as I catch up!***

Happy Monday, y’all!

–Miss M.

BLUE Rotation Day 3

Hello everyone!

As I’ve been going through all the remote assignments, I’ve noticed a lot of students have not completed all their work, so I am offering today as a catch up day.  Each class has 5 assignments on Google Classroom to complete (Except Kinder).  If you have not completed these assignments, please use the time today to work on them.  If you are finished with all my assignments, please use this time wisely to catch up in other classes; I have heard from the AMP team and some classroom teachers that a lot of remote students are missing work.

If you’re all caught up in all your classes, click on the Music Tech tab on this website to explore different music making tools that we’ll be using this year.  They’re a lot of fun!

Have a good and productive day, y’all!

–Miss M.

BLUE Rotation Day 2

Hello everyone!

Today is day 2 of BLUE rotation, so I will be seeing the same classes as yesterday.

There are no synchronous google meets today, but you can email me, message me on goolge classroom, or send me a message in Google Chat to if you have questions about today’s work.

2nd and 3rd are working on rhythm reviews in Google Classroom.

4th is reviewing the lines and spaces of the treble clef staff in Google Classroom and Staff Wars.

5th is exploring Soundtrap through Google Classroom today.

1st is learning about quarter and eighth notes today in Google Classroom and Flipgrid.

Kinder has an assignment in their classroom Seesaw.

Have a great day!

–Miss M.

BLUE Rotation Day 1

Today is day 1 of BLUE rotation.  That means I am seeing these classes: Fullerton, Harn, Anderson, Steinke, Grina, and Cunningham.

There are no synchronous google meets today.

2nd-5th grade have an assignment in Google Classroom that will take them to a Kahoot quiz.

1st grade will start in Google Classroom and click through to Seesaw from there to do an activity.  If your student can’t get into my seesaw, please let me know right away!!!

Kindergarten has an activity posted to their classroom Seesaw.

If you have any questions, you can post on our Google Classroom stream OR message me through Google Chat at

Have a great day of learning!  Stay chill!

–Miss M.


GREEN Rotation Day 3

Good morning my wonderful remote learners,

As I went through Google Classroom this weekend, I noticed several students have not completed all the assignments we have done so far.  Since my in person classes are running a bit behind too with all the procedures and stuff we have to do, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to have a CATCH UP DAY.  Here’s what that means:

  1. I will be on Google Meet during class time for anyone who has questions or needs help, BUT you are not required to come to the meeting today.  The code is still “musicgreen”.
  2. There are 5 assignments in Google Classroom that MUST be finished.  If you are unsure what you’re missing, you can message me in Google Chat or come to the class meeting to ask.
  3. If you are finished with all your assignments for my class, you may wish to use this time to catch up on work from other classes.  (I’ve heard from Ms. Jones that some of you haven’t finished your work for PE…)
  4. If you’re caught up with everything for all of your classes, there will be a CAN DO activity posted to the Stream in Google Classroom.  It will not be graded and is not required, BUT it will help you get ready for what we’re doing next rotation.

Enjoy the gift of time and have a wonderful Monday!

–Miss M.